September 29, 2010

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A Glimpse of the Great Secret Society (1872)
The Engineer Corps of Hell, or Rome's Sappers and Miners (1883) Edwin Sherman
Power and Secret of the Jesuits (1930) Rene Fulop-Miller

Paul Graf von Hoensbroech)
(1901) Das Papsttum in seiner sozial-kulturellen Wirklichkeit
(1889) Der Kirchenstaat in seiner dogmatischen und historischen Bedeutung
(1891) Warum sollen die Jesuiten nicht nach Deutschland zurück
(1896) Die deutschen Jesuiten der Gegenwart und der konfessionelle Friede
(1911) 14 Years A Jesuit. A Record of Personal Experience and a Criticism
(1912) 14 Jahre Jesuit. Scholastikat. Die letzen Jahre im Orden

05/29'08 Eric Jon Phelps @ 9 min)
Anthony Hilder has come out with a DVD called "Skull and Bones – The Catholic Connection". And in that he has a tremendous video clip where President George W. Bush is at the Washington National Catholic Prayer Breakfast that's given by the Catholic leaders in Washington. And there the moderator said that:

"Oh George Bush – God Bless that man: He is our second Roman Catholic president."

And then he blasted the audience! And then, very tongue-in-cheek and very seductively he said:

"Maybe he was our first."

And right then and there, Antony Hilder takes that and puts it right to the assassination in Dallas where the shut rings out in Kennedy's head, and that has a tremendous effect because the high level papas, subject to the archbishop in New York and his country, do not regard Kennedy as a Catholic. He was a heretic. He was an infidel. He refused to uphold the turd pope's temporal power whereas Georg Bush upholds his temporal power in all things. So, I highly recommend Anthony Hilder's DVD "Skull and Bones – The Catholic Connection".

@ 19 min)
George Bush's father, George Herbert Walker Bush, is a high level 33° freemason. He's also a Knight of Malta.
His brother, Prescott Bush Jr., is a notorious Knight of Malta.
His grandfather, Prescott Bush Sr., was another Papal Knight of Malta working with Knight of Malta Fritz Thyssen of Germany, and a few other were papal knights.
Prescott Bush Senior's father in law was George Herbert Walker.
And George Herbert Walker was trained by Jesuits at Stonyhurst in England.
So the whole Bush dynasty is Knight of Columbus with Jeb Bush, Knights of Malta, Bonesmen, Freemasons and Jesuits. In that family alone you see the unity of all the most powerful secret societies which further proofs our point that all these secret societies work together, subject to the Jesuit order.

@ 24 min) I'll add a quote of Pius IX. that will further shock the listener. Here is what he said of himself:

"I am souvereign. I claim to be the supreme judge on earth and the director of the consciousness of men, of the peasant that tills the field and the prince that sits on the thrown, of the household that lives in the shade of privacy and the legislature that makes laws for kingdoms.
I am the sole, last, supreme judge of what is right and wrong." Pius IX., 1870.

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Der Jesuitenorden. Doctrin und Wirksamkeit (1873) Johannes Huber
Jesuitenumtriebe in Deutschland gegen Fürsten und Völker (1873)
Zur Psychologie des Jesuitenordens (1923) Peter Lippert SJ
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An Exposition of the Political Jesuitism of James Madison (1812) William Duane
Histoire de la Compagnie de Jésus en France (1922) Henri Fouqueray SJ

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Loyola and Jesuitism in its Rudiments (1849) Isaac Taylor
Washington in the Lap of Rome (1888) Justin Dewey Fulton

The Master's Carpet. Masonry and Baal-Worship Identical (1832) Edmond Ronayne
Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry (1874) Albert Pike
Charles W. Heckethorn 1875: The Secret Societies of All Ages and Countries Vol. One and Vol. Two
Occult Theocracy (1933) Lady Queensborough

Triumphant Democracy (1886) Andrew Carnegie: "Let men say what they will, I say that as surely as the sun in the heavens once shone upon Britain and America united, so surely is it one morning to rise, to shine upon, to greet again the reunited states – the British-American Union."

Cranmer and the Reformation in England (1900) Arthur Donald Innes
History of the World (1901) John C. Ridpath & Misinforming a Nation (1917) Huntington Wright